Reinterpreting private space in modern urban lifestyle


Ember is a nightstand for affluent urban dweller.  Typical nightstand design has not evolved with modern user needs. Ember takes into consideration to the trends of urbanization, compact living style and an over worked society.

Ember was created during my master's degree in Art Center College of Design and the final design was presented to panelists from 5D Studios, and Gensler Associates.


Product design  |  Furniture design
Independent project
Art Center College of Design


Nightstand as Personal Space


For the general overview of the project, I thought about the daily life of urban affluent people.  In urban life, people live in a busy hectic world and they yearn to escape from boredom of everyday life. Home is where they can relax and recharge themselves; and natural element is important for those who live amongst a forest of buildings.

From the user research I leaned that people usually have candles or plants on their night stands; and they use the night stand as a personal space where they can reflect their day and prepare for the next.  It is also a very private space where they can store their secrets or personal items.  I see night stand as a personal space...and am inspired by the fireplace where people would meditate and relax in the past. 


During the day time, it is a simple furniture.  
But when light is on, it illuminates from the tips of the legs
and gives you ambient glow as a delightful surprise.


It has hidden spaces that can store your personal items.
You also have access to the battery compartment
that allows you to recharge from time to time.


The tip of leg is made of translucent ABS and wrapped by veneer which can transmit light.
The wire goes through the hole in the leg and the leg is assembled once lighting is built in.