Reimagine the way you look.


Glow is a smart mirror based system, that lets people make the most of the important time they spend each day when their own reflection is in view.  Glow is an intuitive system combining the latest material with innovative sensor and display technology: The heads-up display mirror with voice control allows you to stay connected to your personal, social, and professional network directly from your bedroom or bathroom.

Glow is a thesis project during my master's degree in industrial design at Art Center College of Design in Spring and Fall 2016


User Experience design |  Business strategy  |  Industrial design  
Independent project
Created in Spring & Fall 2016
Art Center College of Design


The way we use mirror has not changed over time.

People want to look young and healthy to have confidence and to give positive impression to others. However, we live in an extremely busy world and having work and life balance is often impossible. What I heard most often from the interviewees was, “I wish someone else could take care of me and my chores.”


Glow works as a vanity mirror, a personal assistant, and a communication device. However, it’s more than just the combination of those three; Glow is a smart human-like assistant that is embedded in the mirror.



User research, User scenario, Business opportunity, System diagram


See yourself as others see you

How you view yourself and how others view you could be different. Glow helps show you as others would see you by using a 360 camera. The combination of the glow camera with the embedded camera in the mirror completes a 360 view around you. Then it displays how you look from every angle, not just the front view of yourself looking at the mirror.


Ambient lighting

Glow gives you ambient light when you approach it. It recognizes who you are and shows your personal lighting, voice tone, and preset information. Glow smart lighting can also match the lighting of places like a gym or a restaurant so you know how you would look in the places even before you leave.  


Exchangeable frame enables users to customize frame for their houses. With the use of an embedded magnet, exchanging frame is simple and easy. 


360 rotation enables users to use the mirror horizontally or vertically. When they sit down or stand up, they can easily change orientation as needed. 


Wall mount Once the mount is fixed on the wall, simply slide Glow into it. User can easily detach it from the wall and move it to a different location. 


No hanging cable There is an induction charging power cable the charges the mirror from time to time. Once the mirror is fully charged, it can be used over 60 days depending on usage.


Customizable frame The frame option comes in many different colors. The magnetic frame attachment mechanism makes it easy to attach and detach. Users can match the frame with their home interior and change it anytime they want to.


Building working prototype How physical product looks and feels is an important part of the user experience.
Working prototype was made during product and ux design process to test the concept.