The smart watch that can save your life


iBeat is a 24/7 heart monitoring smart watch that can immediately notify your family and 911 in an emergency. The device's medical grade sensors constantly monitor your heart activity and detect for emergencies. In an emergency, iBeat will alert you, your loved ones and 911, sending immediate care and potentially saving your life. 

iBeat project was done during my internship with Ammunition in San Francisco in summer 2016.
iBeat was launched by Indiegogo campaign in October 29, 2016 and will ship summer 2017.



Industrial design by Ammunition
Contribution : Industrial design
Created in Summer 2016
Launched by Indiegogo campaign in 2016
Website : www.ibeat.com


The challenges


The challenge for iBeat was to create a fashion watch that does not look like a medical aid product.  iBeat wants to be a watch that people will wear everyday, even on their dinner date. With the medical sensor and electronic components, iBeat's body thickness is 13mm.  The concept of "float" was created to make the watch look thinner.  The watch body is divided into two parts and the top frame looks like it is floating in the air. Shiny chrome material was used on the bottom part to reflect the user's skin color so that the frame appears to be floating on the user's wrist.

In order to wear the iBeat 24/7, we have created an innovative charging mechanism which can attach while you're wearing the watch. The attachable battery pack has a magnetic latch which can quickly and easily attach to re-charge your watch.

The pre-looped soft and elastic band ensures all day and night wearability and breathability.