Nokia Lumia 625


The Lumia family continues to evolve and develop, pushing boundaries, and offering choice. It's about advancing technology and being cutting edge, but it's also about being human, friendly and accessible. With the Lumia 625 we're building upon our design principles and introducing something different, something soft, but still distinctly Nokia. With the Lumia 625, we continue our focused and consistent design approach – Simplicity and Reduction, Color and Craft.

Designed by Nokia design center
Contribution : Lead industrial designer
Released in September, 2013
U.S Patent No : D752568 S1
2014 iF Product Design Award

Lumia 625 was released in September, 2013 targeting midrange market in China, Europe, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
I was responsible for full design process including research, ideation & concepting, concept refinement, production as a lead industrial designer. 


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Color focus

The unique and pure beauty of the form is combined with a focused colour palette. Building upon our iconic CMYK colour story so linked with Nokia, the Lumia 625 arrives in orange, bright green and yellow. This vibrancy is balanced with neutrals that are crafted through the translucent single layer demonstrating once again our attention to detail and material mastery. This elevates standard black and white giving them intriguing dimension & depth.

The physical colors blend with digital, as the Windows Phone 8 UI offers a range of complementary (or clashing!) themes to choose from. The variety brings choice and personality to the range, while reflecting Nokia's confident and unique character.


Taking polycarbonate to the next level

Throughout our portfolio, we have been perfecting color and texture. Strong CMYK solids, bold blends, alluring mats, rich glosses and most recently, layered depth effects. Now with the Lumia 625 we're taking our material and color experience even further. This intriguing translucent single layer material draws the eye and demands to be touched. The matt surface combines with the unbroken form and gently curved body and screen, to bring a natural feel to the 625. 
While ID focus on structure problem solving, CMD is working on material translucency and color saturation. Single layer depth is new technology that is developed with Lumia 625, and CMD needs to work on many rounds of color exploration to achieve confident level of color saturation.