Borderless TV : Frame in the Frame


LG Display, recently joining in the global TV market, asked for a new concept of TV, which can be differentiated from existing TV design on the market. The evolution of the TV is a story of increasing thinness and picture quality; the form itself has remained largely the same since the early days of LCD monitors. LG Display set out to change that, partnering with iriver design team to better address the new experience of everyday users-and drive new value into the TV market.

The challenge was to emphasize the advanced technology of LG Display and make it look attractive and striking. Its design concept, ‘Frame in the Frame’, emphasizes the character of borderless TV, display without border by adding floating frame in the air.

I was responsible for the full design process including research, ideation & concepting, concept refinement, prototyping. 

The design was exhibited in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2010.


Industrial design by iriverIEngineered by LG display
Contribution : Industrial design, Concept generation, Market research
Showcased in CES 2010