Rethinking the way we see clean water



RO Under-Counter is the next generation of water filtration system for Kohler. Many companies have provided under-counter products with almost no design features. Although they come from different brands, many of the products on the market look similar and banal. Both consumers and companies think design is not important for under counter products because they are hidden inside the cabinet.

This project was created for Kohler in 2014.  My role as the lead industrial designer for the project included identifying Kohler electronics design language and creating future roadmap of the brand.  

This concept is not the final design of the Kohler product.


Industrial design by Kohler
Contribution: lead industrial designer
Created in 2014
Not available in the market


Compact size and minimal design are critical to save space in kitchen counter and it enables to use spare space. I worked together with engineers to redesign lay-out in order to achieve the minimum size. The final size is 140(D)*480(W)* 460(H) with tank on the side lay-out. Tank and battery location moved to the side in order to make it less heavy on top and to lower the height.



Quarter-turn opening is used for filter exchange and hinges are added in order to rotate filter to 45 degree.